Our Kings

LaCatDolls Longbranch

Photo taken at his first show at Kingston February 2016.


Breeder of CCA Best Ragdoll 2016 – 2017 Show Season
Home to CCA Best Ragdoll 2014 -2015 show season
Results of the 9th International Ragdoll Congress Garden State Show Somerset New Jersey held July 19-20 2014
LaCatDolls BRAVE HORATIUS 3rd Best of The Best Ragdoll in Premiership in show!
CHIFFONDOLLS MARQUIS OF LaCatDolls 2nd Best of The Best Ragdoll Kitten In show!
This was a wonderful show and only the second time it was held in CFA.
LaCatDolls is pleased to announce that we are home to the #1 Ragdoll Champion In Canada
The #1 Ragdoll Premier in Canada
The #1 Ragdoll Kitten in Canada
For the 2013-2014 show season

LaCatDolls Star Lord

Seal Bicolour



Blue Bicolour


CH LaCatdolls Ragnar Lothbrok

Seal Bicolour


 Lennox Von Werbellinsee

blue lynx bicolour


Lennox is a true doll, a purring machine and has the deepest blue eyes. His personality is as sweet as his good looks! We look forward to kittens from this wonderful boy in 2018.